When and Where the PTA Meets

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 usually ending at 7:30pm at Cleveland school. See meeting dates below.

PTA Meeting Business

Business conducted at PTA meetings includes making decisions on how money raised should be spent, event planning updates, reports from the Volunteer Program and updates from Denise Pape, our principal. Attending PTA meetings is a great way to become involved in your child’s education.

Free PTA Childcare

The Cleveland PTA provides free childcare for attendees with fun activities and games for your children. 
Childcare is provided by volunteers, therefore if we do not have volunteers there will be NO childcare. We are looking for 5th grade parents and students to work the childcare. PTA will provide a $20 donation to the fifth grade field trip fund for each meeting. Please contact Cari Lamb if you would like to volunteer to supervise the childcare.

2017-18 Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday, September 5th
  • Tuesday, October 3rd
  • Tuesday, November 7th
  • Tuesday, December 5th
  • Tuesday, January 2nd
  • Tuesday, February 6th
  • Tuesday, March 6th
  • Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Tuesday, May 8th