December 3 - Important CRCSD announcements

We have several important announcements to share with families, staff and the community. 1. Due to a decrease in Linn County community positivity cases,...


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How do I join the PTA?

Simply fill out a membership form and return to Cleveland with your dues, $6.00 per person. Checks and cash are acceptable methods of payment, checks should be made payable to Cleveland PTA. When submitting your dues and membership form, please mark the envelope Attn: Cleveland PTA. A membership card will be sent to you.

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How can I help the PTA?

Cleveland parents, grandparents and community members can help by becoming a member and/or volunteering your time. You can volunteer your time by filling out a short form and returning it to the front office.

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When and Where the does the PTA meet?

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 usually ending at 7:30 pm.  We usually meet in Room 201 (the art room) upstairs at Cleveland school.

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What are the benefits of being a PTA Member?

You become an advocate for all children, including your own. PTA members support the school in ways budget cuts have made impossible for the school alone. You become a member of a team, working for the well-being of our children. As a member of the Cleveland PTA you automatically become a member of the Iowa and National PTAs.  View all the benefits PTA membership offers.

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Do I have to attend monthly meetings?

No, being a member of the PTA does not require you to attend PTA meetings. We do encourage you to attend meetings so your voice will be heard. Click here to view meeting schedule.

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Do I have to volunteer?

No, there is no requirement to volunteer your time. Opportunities are available for anyone interested in volunteering.

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I want to volunteer but don’t know where to start?

Call or email one of the PTA Co-Presidents, Theresa Egger at or 395-7478 or Allison Groff at or 265-1266. They will discuss your interests and current volunteer opportunities.  TheVolunteer Survey Form may also be filled out and returned to school.

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How does the PTA raise money?

The PTA has a fall fund-raiser offering quality products ranging from gift wrap, candy, holiday gifts to locker decorations. The majority of our funds are generated from this sale.

In addition to the fall fundraiser the PTA collects:

  • Campbell Soup Labels  redeemable for school equipment
  • Box Top's for Education are redeemable for cash.  For more information, please visit to the website:  
  • Target Card  1% of purchases will be donated to Cleveland if Cleveland is specified as your school of choice.
  • Hy-Vee Cash 4 Students: Don't throw out those Hy-Vee Food and Drug Store receipts!  Instead hand them in at your school.  Cleveland will earn $1 for every $200 in receipts collected.  In addition, three randomly drawn schools will receive a $500 bonus. Hy-Vee requires original receipts.  Ask for a duplicate receipt at check-out if you want to keep your original. 

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Does the PTA recognize teachers’ efforts?

Yes, the PTA coordinates appreciation meals during teacher-parent conferences.

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How does a staff member make a funds request?

Staff members should submit a funds disbursement request funds disbursement form. The form should be submitted to the PTA mailbox the Friday before the next PTA meeting. If possible staff members should attend the PTA meeting, members often have detailed questions regarding requests.

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Does the PTA have a teacher representative?

Yes, Sherrie Kopecky is available to teachers and staff members who have questions regarding the Cleveland PTA.

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How do you submit a receipt for payment?

For approved purchases, a receipt with an explanation should be attached to an expense report.

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Does your question remain unanswered?

If so please call or email one of the PTA Co-Presidents, Theresa Egger at or 395-7478 or Allison Groff at or 265-1266.

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